Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Applications

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Industrial Hemp Research Pilot Applications

UPDATE: The recently passed 2018 Farm Bill removes hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, legalizing hemp production.However, a legislative change to the Industrial Hemp Research Pilot statutes in Washington law are still required for the program to be consistent with the changesin the Farm Bill regarding hemp. Until that occurs, WSDA will continue to manage the IHRP under existing state law. We will update this site with any new developments.

If you have questions, please contact the program at

Grower, Processor/Marketer, or Combination Application

The IHRP has simplified the application process. We combined the Grower, Processor/Marketer, and Combination applications into one application form and reduced the amount of supporting documentation needed. As a reminder, email submissions will not be accepted.If you intend to grow, process, or market industrial hemp, you will need to fill out the new IHRP Application. Download the IHRP Application [PDF 399 KB] or view the summary page.


If you intend to sell, resell, exchange or distribute viable industrial hemp seed (not grain), you will need to fill out the Distributor Application.Download the Distributor Application [PDF 701 KB] or view the summary page.

Seed Acquisition 

Growers must arrange to buy their own seeds which will be imported using the department's DEA registration. Currently, the state cannot pay for seeds for pilot projects. To request that the WSDA import your industrial hemp seed, please fill out a Seed Acquisition form. To see some examples of certified seed bag tags, click here.

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